• How long does Krypto-nine take to play?

    • Length of gameplay varies depending on how many Victory Cards the players choose to play up to. (Win at 3, 5, 9, etc) We have found gameplay takes on average 30-45 minutes.


  • Is this a drinking game?

    • No. Krypto-nine is a family-friendly game for all ages (5+). There may be alternate version in the future however, which will add new experiences to the base game.

  • Is this another crypto-currency?

    • No. Although the name sounds familiar, Krypto-nine has no reference to any crypto-currencies at all.


  • How long does it take to learn?

    • It takes less than 10 minutes to read through the instructions and play through a practice round. 


  • My product was damaged during gameplay. Is it possible to get individual replacement cards?

    • Unfortunately not at this time. We may look into a print and play version in the future, but currently individual cards are not available.


  • English is not my first language. Will you be translating into more languages?

    • Yes. Krypto-nine will be available in more languages as we expand into countries where English is not the primary language. For now, Krypto-nine is only available in English.

  • Can Krypto-nine be played with two players?

    • Technically yes, however the game has a specific amount of cards to be dealt to a minimum of 3 players so oftentimes the numbers simply won’t work because all the cards should be in play. Additionally, many of the Victory Cards wouldn’t make a ton of sense with only 2 players.